FDA Approves Label Extensions Making Syndel’s Parasite-S the Only Formalin Product Approved for Control of Fungus on Freshwater Finfish

FERNDALE, WA, September 12, 2019—Parasite-S (formalin) has new label indications in the US permitting its use as a fungicide on all freshwater-reared finfish. According to Chris McReynolds, Syndel CEO, “Syndel is proud of the FDA’s recognition that our Parasite-S safely meets the needs of all state, federal, and private freshwater finfish facilities for the treatment of fungus on fish. This demonstrates our ongoing commitment to supporting aquaculture’s contribution to the world’s growing demand for safe and healthy protein.”

Syndel’s formalin product, Parasite-S, long an FDA approved treatment for control of fungi of the family Saprolegniaceae in freshwater finfish eggs, is now approved by the FDA for treatment of saprolegniasis associated with Saprolegniaceae fungi on fish themselves. Syndel’s Parasite-S is the only legal FDA approved formalin product for this treatment in the US.

In addition, Syndel worked with the FDA to establish water quality benchmarks for the protection of freshwater aquatic life, derived by Hohreiter and Rigg, 2001 (Chemosphere 45:471-486) following EPA guidelines. This NEW spe