Syndel Values

A Global Leader in Fish
Health Solutions

Everyone within the Syndel organization is committed to these
core values in every aspect of their work

We have a constant commitment to the customer, and our obligation to deliver safe and high performing products, with a high level of service and technical support, which creates the true value of the product itself.

Quality is universal within the organization and it is represented in every aspect of our products, the work that we deliver and the importance of a healthy environment inside and outside of the office for each and every one of our employees.

Safety is paramount for every aspect of our organization, which encompasses each and every product, as well as every aspect of our work environment. The health and safety of our products, customers and employees is never second place.

Teamwork is critically important to the performance and happiness of our entire staff. Furthermore, teamwork is equally as important to successfully working with our customers, suppliers, and regulators. No question, teamwork is the foundation to the success of everyone involved.

To succeed as an organization, we cannot do so on our own merits, and it is paramount that we value and respect the input, knowledge, experience, values and objectives of our colleagues, customers, suppliers, shareholders and our competition. Equally as important, we must respect the environment and our own moral compass.

We are committed to the growth of the company’s business and market presence as an industry leader. In addition, we recognize and value the contribution of each of our colleagues, and we strongly support and encourage personal growth in and out of the office. We value the investment in our people and the investment by our people into our activities.

We operate in a fast moving, highly regulated and continuously evolving industry. To succeed and to remain in the forefront, we are keenly focused upon innovation to drive our problem solving, growth in all sectors, while maintaining an unrelenting drive to move the company forward as a trailblazer and leader.