HALAMID AQUA (Chloramine-T)

//HALAMID AQUA (Chloramine-T)

HALAMID AQUA (Chloramine-T)

HALAMID AQUA is FDA approved Chloramine-T treatment product for use in Aquaculture against bacterial diseases.

Contact us for pricing and assistance at Syndel’s USA office at (800) 283-5292, or Syndel’s Canadian Office at (800) 663-2282.  For International inquiries email sales@syndel.com.


Syndel is proud to be the exclusive distributor of HALAMID® AQUA in the United States.

Halamid Aqua is currently FDA approved (NADA 141-423) to control the mortality in all freshwater-reared salmonids due to bacterial gill disease, mortality in walleye due to external columnaris disease, and control mortality in all freshwater-reared warm water finfish due to external columnaris disease.

Halamid Aqua has the added benefits of being non-corrosive to equipment (once diluted), easy to use, biodegradable, long term storage stability and no risk of possible disease resistance.

Available Sizes: 5kg Pail,  25kg Drum

For additional Syndel Product information such as availability, package sizes, pricing, and approvals/application details relevant to your country or region, please contact Syndel,

Resource Downloads

Halamid Aqua SDS

Halamid Aqua Label

USFWS/AADAP- Halamid Aqua Drug Status Approval Update

Press Release – Halamid Aqua Gains Drug Status in USA


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