Improves fertilization rate potential of low quality or cryopreserved sperm

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Syndel is proud to be the exclusive distributor for IMV aquaculture products in the USA.


  • Promotes activation of fertilization
  • Improves fertilization rate potential of:
    • low quality milt
    • cryopreserved milt
  • Intended use for salmonids, marine fish and freshwater fish
  • 10x concentrated


  • 1 volume of semen for 10 volumes of diulent Actifish (Salmonids, trout)
  • 1 volume of semen for 30 volumes of diulent Actifish (Freshwater fish : Carp, Silure/silure glanis)

Sizes Available: 1 L Bottle

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Resource Downloads

Fish Media Flyer

Instructions Actifish IMV VF

SDS Actifish

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