A high-speed egg sorting machine to quickly remove dead eggs post shock.  Capacity – 1,000,000 eggs/hr, counted and separated.  User friendly, portable and easy to clean.

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QuickSorter is the fastest sorter with updated detection systems.

Features / Advantages :

  • Very high speed in removing unfertilized eggs
  • 1 million eggs per hour.
  • Reliable and Accurate.
  • No post-sorting mortality.
  • Counters of sorted batches.
  • User-friendly and autonomous.
  • Handy and transportable with an external pump.
  • Easy to clean.

Dimensions: 660mm long, 640mm high, 410mm deep

Weight: 59kg

Electric Power: 220 volt

Water Pressure: 3 bar

Air Pressure: 8 bar, 150 L, 30M3/H

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