35% Perox-Aid *New Label Extension*

//35% Perox-Aid *New Label Extension*

35% Perox-Aid *New Label Extension*

Syndel’s aquaculture approved 35% hydrogen peroxide is an effective treatment product for both fish and fish eggs.

Contact us for pricing and assistance at Syndel’s USA office at (800) 283-5292, or Syndel’s Canadian Office at (800) 663-2282.  For International inquiries email sales@syndel.com.


35% Perox-Aid Hydrogen Peroxide Treatment

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35% PEROX-AID® is a 35% Pharmaceutical grade hydrogen peroxide which is intended for use as an external microbicide for the control of mortality in freshwater-reared finfish eggs due to saprolegniasis, in freshwater-reared salmonids due to bacterial gill disease (associated with Flavobacterium branchiophilum), and in freshwater-reared coolwater finfish and channel catfish due to external columnaris disease (associated with Flavobacterium columnare [Flexibacter columnaris]).

PEROX-AID® is FDA and Health Canada approved (NADA 141-255, DIN 02238749).  Additional options for using 35% PEROX-AID® to treat other diseases or species, may be available, for more information please contact us.

New users are encouraged to seek advice from a fish health professional prior to using this product.  Refer to the product label for directions, as well as limitations and cautions for all applications.

Sizes Available within the USA: 5 gal Carboys,  55 gal Drums
Sizes Available Outside USA: 208 L Drums

For additional Syndel Product information such as availability, package sizes, pricing, and approvals/application details relevant to your country or region, please contact Syndel,

Resource Downloads

Perox-Aid SDS

35% Perox-Aid Label Extension

35% Perox-Aid US Insert

35% Perox-Aid FOI Drug Summary

35% Perox-Aid Information Sheet

Perox-Aid Canadian Label

Perox-Aid USA Label

Guide to Using Drugs, Biologics, and Chemicals in Aquaculture


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