A sophisticated and professional fish egg sorting and counting machine.  The ProSorter uses the very latest digital imaging technology for selecting and discarding all non-viable eggs (pin-eyed eggs, glass eggs, small eggs and pale eggs).  Significantly reduces the need for manual egg-picking.

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ProSorter uses the very latest digital image processing technology.

All non-viable eggs (pin-eyed eggs, glass eggs, small eggs and pale eggs) are sorted and removed.

Features / Advantages :

  • No manual sorting.
  • No contamination thanks to the removal of abnormal eggs.
  • Very high accuracy in removing glass eggs, pin eyed eggs and unfertilized eggs.
  • Eggs size sorting is possible.
  • 125.000 – 200.000 eggs / hour / machine.
  • Eggs sorting number can be programmed.
  • High capacity buffer tank.
  • Remote control of ProSorter by the management software.

Dimensions: 970mm long, 615mm high, 700mm deep

Weight: 120kg

Electric Power: 220 volt

Water Supply: 1-2 bar at machine entry, 20 L/min for constant flow, ¾” connection

Air Pressure: 2-3 bars at entry, ¼” connection

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Resource Downloads

ProSorter – Installation Requirements

Salmonoids Egg Sorters

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