Concentrated isotonic solution for rinsing eggs before fertilization.  Effective in improving fertilization rates.

Contact us for pricing and assistance at Syndel’s USA office at (800) 283-5292, or Syndel’s Canadian Office at (800) 663-2282.  For International inquiries email sales@syndel.com.



Syndel is proud to be the exclusive distributor for IMV aquaculture products in the USA


  • Cleans the ovocytes (mucus, blood, faeces)
  • Antibiotic-free
  • Conservation of ovocytes during transport
  • Limits the outbreaks of vertically transmitted diseases (IPN, IHN, Flavo)
  • Limits fungus during incubation
  • Is intended for use on Salmonids, marine fish and freshwater fish

Available Sizes: 1L Bottle

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