Virkon Aquatic

Virkon Aquatic

Virkon® Aquatic is a concentrated disinfectant powder that, when mixed with water forms a powerful cleaning and disinfecting solution with efficacy against a broad range of fish viruses, bacteria, fungi, and molds.

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Virkon® Aquatic is a concentrated disinfectant powder that when mixed with water forms a powerful cleaning and disinfecting solution with efficacy against fish viruses, bacteria, fungi, and molds.

Virkon® Aquatic is the ultimate disinfectant use in fish culture operations.  It is independently proven to be highly effective against significant aquatic pathogens and is used around the world.  Virkon® Aquatic is effective on viruses, bacteria, fungi and mold, efficacy information can be viewed here.  Virkon® Aquatic solutions are fast acting, colorless, fragrance free and non-irritating, which makes it the ultimate disinfectant for use in Aquatic applications.  The ingredients have been carefully selected for their ability to degrade quickly within the environment.

Who is Using Virkon® Aquatic to reduce the spread of disease?

How long does Virkon® Aquatic solution remain active?  – Virkon® Aquatic solutions are colorless, odorless, and will gradually loose activity over time.  The Virkon® Aquatic label states that solutions are stable for at least 7 days.  The actual solution life can vary and will be reduced by exposure to organics and UV light.

What is the difference between Virkon® Aquatic and Virkon-S?  Virkon® Aquatic was first made available in the USA in May of 2007 and it is specifically designed for use in fish culture while Virkon-S is designed for use in the production of poultry, swine, and other types of agriculture.  Virkon® Aquatic does not contain an indicator dye or perfume as found in Virkon-S.  The dye and perfume have been removed to make the product more suitable for use around fish and other aquatic life.  Virkon® Aquatic has a formulation based on the same active ingredients as Virkon-S but with inert ingredients that are designed for use in aquatic applications.  There are also important EPA labeling differences between Virkon®Aquatic and Virkon-S.  The EPA approved label for Virkon® Aquatic contains expanded aquaculture claims and applications and is approved for use in aquaculture.  Virkon-S is no longer recommended for use in aquaculture and its label will no longer carry EPA approval for aquaculture claims.

Available Sizes within the USA: 10lb Tub
Available Sizes within Canada: 10kg Pail

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Resource Downloads

Virkon Aquatic USA SDS

Virkon Aquatic Canadian SDS

Virkon Aquatic VS Virkon S

Virkon Aquatic USA Label

Virkon Aquatic Canadian Label

Virkon VS Bleach

Biodegradability Of Virkon Aquatic

Virkon Aquatic Directions For Use

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