The world’s demands for high quality aquaculture products make control of diseases increasingly important.  Good Biosecurity programs are vital to maintaining healthy animals and to reducing the risk of acquiring disease in a facility.  So, what makes a good Biosecurity program?  This is different for every facility.  There are some basic principles that need to be considered in any Aquaculture Biosecurity Program.

A comprehensive Aquaculture Biosecurity Program should be in place.  This is essential in combating and preventing disease.  There are a number of factors to be considered.  The following documents are from a variety of sources and are provided for informational purposes.



Tricaine-S Calculator Based on Dosage and Container Size
Tricaine-S Concentration Calculator Based on Species and Anesthesia Type
Virkon-S Calculator in U.S. Ounces and in Grams

Fish Anesthetization

Fish Anesthetics FAQ
How Much Tricaine-S Should I Use for Fish Anesthetization?
Tricaine-S Dosage Chart

Biosecurity: Beginning the Process

Biosecurity – Why is it Important?
Biosecurity – What are Pathogens and How are They Treated?